Hello, my name is Rachael Lorraine Grosz Jones

Tokyo, Japan. Image courtesy of  stuzphotography

Tokyo, Japan. Image courtesy of stuzphotography


I was born and raised in the United States and grew up in Miami Beach, Florida. I went to the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia for my undergraduate degree and studied Biomedical Engineering. After living in Atlanta a few years my husband and I moved to New Zealand to pursue my Masters in Engineering. We love living in this beautiful country, and it has sparked our love for natural beauty. We own a campervan and travel around New Zealand quite frequently.

My love for travelling began as a small child. I was fortunate enough to go on family vacations with my parents who enjoyed travelling the world.

I had the opportunity to study abroad in Metz, France which deepened my love for adventuring and new experiences. During that time I had a chance to travel on weekends with friends using a Eurorail pass. Ryan lived abroad as well during this time, and we were able to meet in different countries all over the world. Having travelled so much together at a young age made us want to continue doing so throughout our lifetime.

My love for photography continues to grow as I learn more about it. My favourite thing to do is take photos of nature, travel and people. Part of the reason I started Soulquestt is to share my photo's of the world, with the world.