Hello, my name is Rachael Lorraine Grosz Jones. I’m a New Zealand based Photographer.


More about me: I was born and raised in the U.S. and grew up in Miami Beach, Florida. I studied Biomedical Engineering @ Georgia Tech. After living in Atlanta a few years my husband, Ryan and I moved to New Zealand to pursue my Masters in Engineering. We love living in this beautiful country, and it has sparked our love for natural beauty. We own a campervan and travel around New Zealand quite frequently.

I had the opportunity to study abroad in Metz, France which deepened my love for adventuring and new experiences. During that time I had a chance to travel on weekends with friends using a Eurorail pass. Ryan lived abroad as well during this time, and we were able to meet in different countries all over the world. Having travelled so much together at a young age made us want to continue doing so throughout our lifetime.

Ryan and I have decided to make traveling the world a priority in our lives. We choose to have incredible experiences over buying unnecessary things. After all, money can't buy you happiness but seeing the world while your alive may just do the trick.


I absolutely love getting outdoors, and capturing incredible people in such an insanely gorgeous part of the world.

As a photographer my aim is to make you as comfortable as possible. That normally encompasses us getting to know one another and becoming friends! What this allows me to do is to capture the real you and all your quirkiness/ natural emotions. I am not about the staged kinda stuff. Fear not, I still will guide you in the right direction so you’re not feeling awkward or lost in our sessions!

Quick overview:

  • Married to the most amazing craft-beer lovin’ person on the planet.

  • Can typically be found soaking up the sunshine outdoors, hiking, running or taking photos.

  • My favourite thing to do is take photos of people in nature, landscapes and travel.

  • I'm an engineer by trade, I love to create.