Crystal Clear Blue Spring - Te Waihou Walkway 

Blue Springs 

Blue Spring

Sep 23th: We woke about at about 6:00 am and were incredibly tired. It's always just pretty difficult to motivate yourself to wake up at such an early hour on the weekend. It had also been Ryan's first week of work, so the sleep deprivation was real. We stumbled out of bed and made a quick breakfast and coffee to take on the road. 

The gang at Blue Spring 

We jumped in our campervan Noah and went to pick up our friend Riley. We were set to join a "Meet Up" group. Long story short, Ryan and I joined a community called Meet Up that has its platform on a mobile application. You can join whatever group that suits your fancy. This one was a hiking group that was doing a weekend long trip and our first stop for the day was the Blue Spring along the Te Waihou Walkway. 

There were about fifteen people who went on the trip with us and it was hosted by an amazing guy named Charlie. He put the whole trip together. We met at a local train station with the rest of the group and then headed south for the spring.

On the Te Waihous walkway

The Blue Spring is located about two hours south of Auckland and is absolutely worth the drive. It is where New Zealand gets about 70% of its drinking water. The spring is fed through the Mamaku Plateu where water takes 50-100 years to filter through. In turn this allows the water to be extremely clear. I believe the water is so blue because of this long filtering process.

Beginning view of the Blue Spring.

The Te Waihou Walkway runs adjacent to the spring and is a loop that takes about 2-3 hours to walk. Walking along it was pretty easy and we literally stopped every couple of feet to take pictures. It was absolutely BEAUTIFUL, like everything in New Zealand. As I mentioned before, the water was literally crystal clear and a BRIGHT aqua blue. There are also apparently some designated areas for swimming which are farther away from the actual spring itself! 

A view of the Blue Springs

Towards the end of the track our group stopped to enjoy lunch. Unfortunately Ryan and I left our food in the car and didn't get to enjoy with the rest of the group. But, we did head back after relaxing for a bit in order to make some peanut butter, nutella and banana sandwhiches. These are some of our go-to foods while on the road. 

Looking through the trees

Source: Our explorations of the Blue Spring in New Zealand.