I started Soulquestt when moving to New Zealand with my husband, Ryan. We were unsure of what was to come of this new chapter as we had never been to this country before. We trusted our instinct and decided this was the place for us.


The night of our wedding we found out we had distant relatives living in Auckland, New Zealand. At that time we were leaving in a month to begin my master's degree at the University of Auckland.

Although I didn't realise it then, it grows more apparent that I was searching for something bigger and always have been. This curiosity has led me to develop Soulquestt.

I will start by saying that Soulquestt was originally a blog. This journey has led me to discover my true passion: I love to create beautiful content through my images, & hence Soulquestt Photography was founded.

Soulquestt: Soulquestt is about new experiences, being uncomfortable, challenging ourselves and flourishing. It's an ongoing journey of inner reflection and becoming more mindful in everything we do. Through this, we can potentially deepen our understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

Soulquestt is about living life in the present moment and practising gratitude, positivity and love along the way.

I believe that through travel, adventure, and new experiences we better understand ourselves.

I hope you enjoy the journey.